Lasithi Windmill Park

This tour is an easy ride, suitable for anyone enjoying outdoor activities and some pedaling.


This tour is an easy ride, suitable for anyone enjoying outdoor activities and some pedaling. The tour involves predominantly cycling on flat grounds and descents, both off-road and on low traffic roads. A long distance through the biggest mountains of Lasithi reaching until the North coast is covered, giving you the chance to experience plenty of Crete through the freedom of riding a bike. We start the tour at the entrance of the Lasithi plateau and ride on flat grounds crossing the biggest plateau of Crete. Lasithi Plateau lays below Spathi (Sword), the highest peak of the Lasithi region (2148m) and is the third highest mountain of Crete. We ride mainly on small dirt and asphalt roads going through several villages and fertile agricultural fields. The plateau is also known as the garden of Crete due to the amount of goods being cultivated here and is also rich in wild flora, walnut, pear, apple and chestnut trees. Once we reach the village of Psychro at the South side of the plateau, those who wish can visit the Plateau's most famous attraction, the cave of the mythical god Zeus. At the village of Kaminaki and have our mid-tour coffee break, getting a glimpse of Cretan rural life. We continue the tour towards the North coast of the island. A long descent (20km) will take us past the monastery of Kera and then the village of Krasi, with its historic perennial platanous tree and fresh water springs from the Diktian mountain range. From Krasi, we enjoy a last panoramic view of the busy Northern coastline and let gravity take us down to our destination, the ancient Minoan palace of Malia. The palace of Malia was the third largest palace in Crete during the Minoan Era and lays aside to Potamos beach, one of the top rated beaches of the North coast.

Included in the price

  • A guide
  • Hard-tail Cube bike (Acid, LTD, Analog)
  • Vehicle transfers
  • Back-pack
  • Helmet
  • Snacks (energy bar or sandwich), Coffee, Water


  • Lasithi Plateau
  • Cave of Zeus (optional)
  • Kera Monastery
  • Krasi village
  • Malia Palace
  • Potamos beach

Other Remarks

  • Suitable for children (12+) 
  • Group sizes: Minimum 2 persons / Maximum 10 persons
  • Entrance fees to the Cave of Zeus and Malia Palace are not included in the price
  • Upon request and arrangement the route can be modified and made more demanding reaching more altitude gains (500m - 1000m) and offroad sections
  • It is possible to upgrade to a full-suspension bike for  an additional 15 €


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Can i bring my own bike?

You are welcome to join with your own bike ( A deduction of 20 euros from each tour will be made ). Vehicle support/transfer can be arranged for you and your bike when needed as well as storage and service / maintenance at our base.

Am I insured?

We highly recommend you have pre-arranged travel insurance covering for outdoor activities as you are required to undertake full responsibility concerning any unexpected accidents.

What happens if I can't keep up ?

We categorize our tours based on the level of difficulty and expertise required in order to avoid such situations. However, anyone can have off-day and not be able to keep up. In this case, a vehicle pick up from the nearest available spot will be made. View difficulty information

What should I bring along on a tour?

Anything appropriate for outdoor sports such as gloves, sunglasses, sun-protection cream, a camera, go-pro, a swimming suit.