Nail the Trail (2 runs)

This is one of the best mountainous singletracks in the area.


This is one of the best mountainous singletracks in the area. Located to the north of Mount Selena, with an elevation of roughly 900m. Begins with a nice flow singletrack leading to steep drop ins and natural technical obstacles. We head through Krassi Village that has the 2000 years old plane tree. We hit the road to Mohos and then connect either to Stalis or Mohos Singletracks.

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This MTB Tour is available for booking after a special request. Please contact us to arrange a booking.

Can i bring my own bike?

You are welcome to join with your own bike ( A deduction of 20 euros from each tour will be made ). Vehicle support/transfer can be arranged for you and your bike when needed as well as storage and service / maintenance at our base.

Am I insured?

We highly recommend you have pre-arranged travel insurance covering for outdoor activities as you are required to undertake full responsibility concerning any unexpected accidents.

What happens if I can't keep up ?

We categorize our tours based on the level of difficulty and expertise required in order to avoid such situations. However, anyone can have off-day and not be able to keep up. In this case, a vehicle pick up from the nearest available spot will be made. View difficulty information

What should I bring along on a tour?

Anything appropriate for outdoor sports such as gloves, sunglasses, sun-protection cream, a camera, go-pro, a swimming suit.